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Toll-Free:  800-746-4269
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Yard Tour

Cox Auto Parts means quality! Our parts have been cleaned, tested, and inventoried in a searchable database so we can find easily find you the right part at a low price.

A car being dismantled
In our dismantling shop, we disassemble late model automobiles.
Doors stored in the yard
Doors are cataloged and stacked for resale.
Engine blocks and other mechanical parts
All engines are tested and guaranteed.
Radiators and other mechanical parts
We have an extensive inventory of small parts.
Front ends, rear ends, and truck beds
Front clips and truck beds awaiting delivery.

Need a part shipped? We take great care to ensure auto parts are protected from moisture and damage during transit, no matter how large they are or how far they have to go.

An auto part being prepared to ship
A frame is built onto a shipping pallet, and the part is wrapped and secured inside the crate.
An auto part being prepared to ship
Additional material is added to protect from moisture and shifting.
An auto part being prepared to ship
The crate is sealed and ready to ship!